Not Another Super Hero Movie

The Silk Spectre

It was with great excitement that I got to see the preview to “Watchmen”, a big screen adaption of Alan Moore’s critically acclaimed graphic novel of same name, when I went to see Batman. Leaving the theater as The Dark Knight credits rolled I couldn’t help but wonder if the new generation of comic book readers, especially those turned to graphic novel/comic thanks to big movie adaptations like Spider-Man, X-Men and 300, would truly understand or appreciate the movie. If Zach Snyder, the director, holds true to his words and keeps with the storyline of the graphic novel then “Watchmen” isn’t another super hero movie.

“Watchmen” tale is more about vigilantes in costumes, or tights, than it is about super heroes. The characters have no special abilities (Dr. Manhattan the only exception) nor are they void of real human flaws – I mean one of the costumed vigilantes is a psychopath. The book is also not about saving some damsel in distress or fighting some identifiable super villain or even about the ever tested right versus wrong or good versus evil debate. Instead thanks to Alan Moore’s writing we get a in-depth look into the personal lives of these costumed vigilantes, why they wear the tights and fight crime, what moral/immoral values led them down the path so few have taken and why they continue to do what they do despite being disliked by those they risk their lives to protect. The graphic novel also reads as a detective novel as we follow Rorschach’s attempts to uncover and bring to justice someone systematically eliminating members of the Watchmen.

I personally I’m excited to see this movie as I’m sure most people in my generation or older but to the youngsters these movie may not appeal to them but who honestly who cares!


Mordern Day Slavery, Blatter’s Version

According to Sepp Blatter, aka Sepp Blatherer, a slave today is someone is being paid a hefty six figure salary and who is recognised as the worst cry baby of today’s footballing generation. It never seizes to amaze how an individual who runs the biggest supporting organization can spew such nonsensical stupidity and still keep his job. The sad thing we in the footballing world have come to expect this from him and just learn to ignore him or laugh at him or even do both simultaneously. His comments on the Ronaldo transfer saga was unwarranted and only serves as a mere reminder to his daftness and his ever growing list of gaffes as FIFA President.

So it is with quite good accuracy that Chris Toy portray Sepp Blatter’s lunacy with his latest comic strip (see below). He does a funny job of showing us how Mr. Blatter tries to validate his comments by equating Ronaldo to Jesus himself and even comes off more aloof.

Sepp Blatter_Slavery

Sepp Blatter_Slavery

Top Gear in America

So I’m late on this but word has it that NBC will be doing an American version of the British show Top Gear. I love Top Gear but I honestly do not want to see this show state side. Like other British shows transformed for the American audience this will be a dud, the likes of “Faulty Towers”, “Coupling” and “Wild at Heart” come to mind as recently translated shows that we utter failures. Scripted shows such as these fail in their crossover because the producers of the American version ignore the intangibles that made to original so great to watch. For instance the Top Gear UK host of Hammon, May and Clarkson are crudely frank with their reviews of cars and all share a youthful enthusiasm for the cars they drive or wreck in their weekly challenges. Also they are not gear heads, meaning they relate better to the causal viewer but at the same time do not alienate the gear heads who tune in to watch their show. They do not even bother about being politically correct, especially Jeremy Clarkson, and then as a bonus are funny without trying too hard or even trying at all.

These intangibles I’m afraid will be overlooked by the Top Gear US producers. Honestly do you believe any of the US host critically give a beating to a Ford car? Especially at this time of economic hardship experienced by American Auto manufacturers and especially since Top Gear USA might want their ad money. Upon seeing the hosts for US show I even fear for the worst as all sense of a staying true to the original have been shot to the high heavens. Already the suits at NBC are putting spin stating that they not looking to make an exact replica of the UK version and the audience they are targeting for the show aren’t those who are fans of the UK version.

I’ll tune in on the premier day on for the sake of curiosity and give them a chance, but if it sucks like CBS “Payne” (“Faulty Towers” remake) it is going to join a growing list of remake dubs.

Huntelaar in Old Trafford?

Alex Furgerson has hinted at Manchester United not getting involved in the buying spree which the big four normally partake in during the off season. But the gaffer cannot ignore the fact that his side does need one more player added to the roster. To be more specific a centre-forward, to be even more specific Klaas-Jan Huntelaar. Last year he was on my wishlist of player I’d like to see in a United shirt, but instead we got Tevez and while Tevez is a talented lad but my main issue with him is that he is essentially the same player as Rooney – both in build and in style of play. Huntelaar on the other hand will bring a different attacking mindset to the United side, a person who is predator in the 18-yard box, who handles the long ball/crosses very well and most importantly is an out-and-out goalscorer. Putting Huntelaar into the United attacking system will bring back the glory scoring days, from a forward, like those of Rudd Van Nistelrooy. Plus, there hasn’t been a season ever more evident to United’s dire need for a consistent striker as last season:

Cristiano Ronaldo (31)
Carlos Tevez (14)
Wayne Rooney (12)
Louis Saha ( 5)
Ryan Giggs ( 3)
Nani ( 3)

Quite telling when a winger was out scoring our two top strikers combined last season and even worse when our top foward was severly off pace with the gunners’ Adebayor (24)…yeah that’s piss poor. We need our own version of Torres, our own version of Yakubu, our own version of Santa Cruiz and Huntelaar is the ideal buy to fill that role. Here’s hoping!

Strip of The Week

This is a new installation on The Spirit Within where I post up a funny sport related comic strip. This week’s comic strip comes from the genius that is Chris Toy over at Studs Up. Enjoy!

American Tourist @ Euro 2008

(Click on image to enlarge)

A Transfer That Benefits England

With the Euro tourney done, the tabloids can now garner up their fullest concentrations to doing what they do best…printing up all manner of transfer rumors. One in particular that caught my eye recently was the supposed move of Barry from Villa to Liverpool. Now while I’m not a fan of anything Anfield I must say that I was pleased with this move and I do hope it goes through even though the buy is sort of redundant when looking at Liverpool’s roaster. Let’s for a second forget the fact that Mascherano, who in essence plays the same role as Barry, had a stella outing last season and instead remind ourselves of Rafa’s rotational system.

I said I supported this move earlier mainly because I am a England supporter. With Barry and Gerrard training and playing together, their understanding of each other’s play on the pitch will only improve and any fan of England, unless you are Lampard, should be excited at what this means for the Three Lions. Most importantly the debate of who should partner Gerrard in the middle would hopefully stop, especially when everyone on a regurlar basis sees how both work well together.

With World Cup qualification approaching Capello needs to start penciling down his final starting IX and formation soon. The quicker he settles on a striking partner for Ronney, a right winger (Golden Balls is not the answer, if we’ve learnt anything from the Euros it is that youth & hunger breeds a winning team) and who partner’s Gerrard in central midfield the better our chances of moving foward into a new era of football in England.

Sexy Football And LA GALAXY, A Rocky Relationship

After a full recovery from my binge drinking celebrating Manchester United’s League triumph and FC United of Manchester’s third consecutive promotion, it’s time of some LA Galaxy hating. They’re due one, plus I’m in a good mood and Lalas is still there fucking up the organization.

Last year when Frank Yallaop was unfairly ran out of LA by Galaxy’s management I became interested as to whom his replacement was going to be. I was intrigued because of Lalas’ comments stating that they were looking to bring in an outside-the- MLS big name coach. So I especially wanted to know who the hell was lunatic enough to take up the joke that is being called the LA Galaxy coach, where you have no say on personnel being brought in or traded, where you have argueablely a very weak roaster – talent wise, and oh yeah, the media frenzy surrounding Ol’ Golden Balls. So I wondered, which self respecting international calibre coach is Lalas capable of bull-shitting into signing the dotted lines at LA? Enter Ruud Gullit.

Appearrently Guillt was not doing much television watching or research during his two year hiatus from coaching. How else will would you explain him signing for the Galaxy and only after a few months into the season he’s whining about how he can’t play sexy football due to the lack of talent and then just recently bitching about how the team lacks leadership. All these things didn’t just manifest overnight, they’ve been part of the LA Galaxy since inception but rather than address those stiuations management were far more concerned with filling the stadium seats with soccer moms and their children who want to droll over golden balls. If Gullit thinks times are hard now, I’d love to hear him when golden balls, landy cakes and ruiz (his three most productive players) are called up for international duty. With just earning eight points out a possible twenty-one Ruud Gulliet needs to find a way to get production out of his frindge players because playing golden balls and landy cakes every minute of every game is definitely not a season long solution.