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Arsenal Loses One, United Looks to Gain Another

Henry meets the fansA few days ago Henry bid adieu to North London and sets his sights for Barcelona but before he left he explained his decision to part ways with Arsenal was basically due to boardroom unrest and the uncertainty over Wenger’s future. Please….while I greatly respect and admire Henry as both a footballer and as an individual you really have got a giggle at such reasoning. First and foremost he is a paid footballer, the only thing he should be worried about is if he can find the net come match day. The happenings of the board room should be of little concern to him, he is paid to play football, and therefore the happenings on the pitch are only what should be of concern to him. Last I checked he and Wenger weren’t attached to the hip at birth and Wenger isn’t moving to Barca, so his sudden inability to continue playing in the absence of Wenger is bizarre.

Instead what Henry should have said was that he wasn’t getting any younger and has peaked with regards to his performance level, with that in mind he needs to play for a side that can contend for European glory. The Gunners are an extremely youthful side rich in potential but they are not side ready to win the Premiere League let alone Champions League. Within a couple or more years they might accomplish that but the problem for Henry is he doesn’t have a couple or more years to give. He wishes to win and win now. Gunner fans may be angry with Henry with his departure, especially after pledging his career to the club just last year, but they should realize that their club cannot provide what Henry seeks. So Gunner nation should be happy for the Frenchman with his new endeavours but should be prepared/plan for life with him.

As Arsenal loses a striker, the Gaffer is looking to add another to his squad. The media has been a buzz with the possible purchase of Quagliarella but his agents has since come out to quench such rumors. I personal was happy the transfer failed for I did not like Quagliarella in the United side simply because he played exactly like the wonderkid Rooney. Also why splurge $15million on the guy when you have Rossi waiting on the wings especially when Rossi is almost the same build and playing style? I’m still hoping for an El’ Nino purchase or Huntelaar.


The Gaffer’s Next Buy

I’m undergoing some serious footie withdrawal right now and concerned that I may not make past July when most European leagues are back on the airwaves. There’s nothing exciting to watch really, the MLS and Gold Cup fail to inspire the football fan within and thus are a bore to watch. The Euro U-21 championship isn’t available for me to view so I can’t watch the youngsters of the Three Lions shine on the world stage (not counting their last game). The transfer market has also stalled, so all we have right now are speculations and denials…sprinkle in a few legal threats.

The inactivity of Manchester has led to some pretty good debates with some of my mates about who should be the Gaffer’s next buy. Without a doubt we’re all in agreement that the limited funds available should be dealt for a forward but the million pound question is who? Currently out there are two players I like and both can contribute to the youthful attacking flare that United currently has.

Klaas-Jan Huntelaar

The Dutchman currently plies his trade in the Eredivise league where he suits up for Ajax AFC. At 23 Huntelaar is exactly what United needs in terms of position and skill. A natural centre forward he possesses a huge amount of pace, great off the ball thinking and the kid can score from every point within the 18 yard box. Currently linked with multiple clubs, including United, he would be able to get a start in the United line-up. The sticking point is that Ajax knows this kid is hot commodity and would be asking for an insane price from any club to let go of him.

David Nugent

Looking at my home turf, I really like David Nugent. The kid is eager to play top flight football in the EPL and won’t cost a whole lot, 7 million pounds to be exact, for United to pry him away from Preston. A powerful right foot coupled with blistering pace will give any opposing four nightmares especially when he’s charging at them with Rooney on his flanks. The only negative is that he would like to go to a team where he will be able to break into the starting eleven quickly and he has been eying the Toffees for that.

The Other Manchester F.C.

F.C. United of Manchester

I’m talking of F.C. United of Manchester, the team created by disenfranchised fans who saw the Manchester United FC takeover by the Glazer family as the final straw that broke the camel’s back with regards to their relations with the club. Many long serving fans have been concerned with the direction that Man Utd F.C. was headed, no longer was the club concentrating on the fans, they were more concerned with winning trophies and making the fans pay for players’ high wage demands by high ticket prices. The takeover further alienated them, many felt their voices were ignored, forcing them to form a side that represented the things that Manchester United once stood for.

F.C. United of Manchester was built on supporter-ownership, with members voting for the board and policies; ticket prices are kept affordable for the fans at £7 for adults, £2 for under-16s. The club also has a youth policy which seeks to work with junior clubs who often feel exploited by the way professional clubs’ academies trawl for the best players. The club has also made partnerships with the surrounding community organizations and groups for the underprivileged, seeking to welcome marginalised groups and introduce football as a good presence in their lives. Created for the people, by the people F.C. United of Manchester has had a glorious run of success since its inception during the summer of 2005. In just two years the club has gained promotion into Northern Premiere League Division One North, the fifth tier in England’s National League System, and is setting records (attendance, goals and points) in the leagues they’ve residing in.

I still support Manchester United F.C., heck I have a blog based on them, but FCUoM represents all that is pure about football so I find them hard to ignore and thereby follow their progress. I pray as they march on through the league system towards the premiership they continue to stay true to their beliefs.

United Starts Early




Well that didn’t take long now did it? The gaffer wasted now time in getting three of his main signings he targeted for the off season. Owen Hargreaves we knew was a no brainier as the Gaffer had been chasing the Englishman since mid last season and is destined to be a Scholes replacement. Now Nani and Anderson are youthful players needed to add some more attacking flare to United midfield, especially Nani who would most likely be tapped to replace Ryan Giggs. A total of above 30 million pounds have been splashed on these two lads but although they may not break into the starting XI right away, they are players that Sir Alex Ferguson build the future with and will definitely make an impact in the EPL. Despite the excellent additions to the squad, united still needs a central striker for Rooney to play off of and be more effective with his attacking. To do that United needs to let go of some players (i suggest Richardson, Silvestre and Solskjaer) to raise the extra cash to pry such a player from his current club.

I’m impressed with how things have proceeded so far this off-season and excited about the title defense we’ll be putting forth… COME ON UNITED!!!