The Gaffer’s Next Buy

I’m undergoing some serious footie withdrawal right now and concerned that I may not make past July when most European leagues are back on the airwaves. There’s nothing exciting to watch really, the MLS and Gold Cup fail to inspire the football fan within and thus are a bore to watch. The Euro U-21 championship isn’t available for me to view so I can’t watch the youngsters of the Three Lions shine on the world stage (not counting their last game). The transfer market has also stalled, so all we have right now are speculations and denials…sprinkle in a few legal threats.

The inactivity of Manchester has led to some pretty good debates with some of my mates about who should be the Gaffer’s next buy. Without a doubt we’re all in agreement that the limited funds available should be dealt for a forward but the million pound question is who? Currently out there are two players I like and both can contribute to the youthful attacking flare that United currently has.

Klaas-Jan Huntelaar

The Dutchman currently plies his trade in the Eredivise league where he suits up for Ajax AFC. At 23 Huntelaar is exactly what United needs in terms of position and skill. A natural centre forward he possesses a huge amount of pace, great off the ball thinking and the kid can score from every point within the 18 yard box. Currently linked with multiple clubs, including United, he would be able to get a start in the United line-up. The sticking point is that Ajax knows this kid is hot commodity and would be asking for an insane price from any club to let go of him.

David Nugent

Looking at my home turf, I really like David Nugent. The kid is eager to play top flight football in the EPL and won’t cost a whole lot, 7 million pounds to be exact, for United to pry him away from Preston. A powerful right foot coupled with blistering pace will give any opposing four nightmares especially when he’s charging at them with Rooney on his flanks. The only negative is that he would like to go to a team where he will be able to break into the starting eleven quickly and he has been eying the Toffees for that.


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