The Becks’ Show

Chelsea FanMy apologise on the lack of material this past month but work and my new PS3 got in the way. But I’m back and should be posting regularly now. So I tuned this past weekend to watch Beckham’s MLS debut on ESPN, but what I thought would be a football friendly against Chelsea somehow got turned into a laughable reality television. The constant “every 15mins” camera shot of Victoria Beckham, the constant analysis of David Beckham’s movement on the bench, the video of Becks various hairdos played during the game, the annoying sky-cam interrupting the view as it hovers over the pitch, the irritating manner in which the various ESPN anaylst/side-line reports all confirmed they know shit about football all just made for a horrible football viewing. Yet they failed in comparison with the “Beckham Cam”…seriously, whoever thought of that needs to be flogged.

So when Beckham finally showed up on the pitch one could clearly tell the lad wasn’t fit to play, he didn’t run much and even limped on occasion. The whole Beckham fiasco couldn’t mask the poor showing of the Galaxy side, I bet Beckham was asking what the hell he had gotten himself into as he watched his new club struggle on the pitch. Galaxy a team half way into their league season struggled to keep possession against a team still seeking to find their pre-season form. I keep hearing the same daft reasoning “Beckham’s servicing of the ball will improve the team, look at what he did for United and Madrid”. What these people fail to realize is that the people Beckham was supplying his crosses or free kicks to knew exactly what to do with the ball when it got to them, there a no Van Nistelrooy or Dwight Yorke in Galaxy and there lies the problem. Good luck Becks, you’ll need it mate.

Image Source: BBC Sports


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