The Community Shield

United RejoicesHow I’ve longed for this weekend, this weekend marks the beginning of actual watchable football as well as the beginning of United’s League Championship defense. I was also looking forward to see how the new signings would fair in an actual competitive match along with their adjustment to the pace of the premiership. But before I go further, I noticed the absence of both Ballack and Robben from the starting line-up and from the bench even, it seems like the reports yesterday of Real Madrid raiding those two might have some truth to them.

Now back to the game between Manchester United and Chel$ki, unlike the FA Final last season this wasn’t a bore-fest and we got quite some open play between the sides despite a fair amount of defensive minded players on the pitch during the first half action. Old guard Gigsy opened the scoring at 35th minute mark after connecting with a fine cross from Evra but then new Chel$ki signing Malouda brought things level right at the end of half. The second half brought about the same as the first, United continued to look treating and quick on the ball while Chel$ki looked to slow things down and keep ball possession. Chances came for both sides but things still remained level as the final whistle was blown. Van der Saar turned up to be the hero of the match with his performance during the penalty kicks, he saved all of Chel$ki’s attempts as United couldn’t miss from the spot.

A good win/confidence booster for the lads and a good introduction to the EPL for the new signings. Whether this season turns out to be one where the Gaffer fills up his trophy chest remains to be seen but I know for sure this season isn’t going to the a two-horse race like last season was, so The Red Devil must be at their highest skill level from hence forth.

Image Source: BBC Sports


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