Not Panic Time, Pretty Bloody Close Though

Tevez rues a missed opportunity

It is week three of the Premiership, the Red Devils have 2pts out of a possible nine and are sitting 16th in the league. Their poor start, by United standards, isn’t due to an awful display on the pitch because in all three matches United were the better side but rather due to lack of striking option up front. During the off-season I eagerly awaited the signing of an out and out striker/central forward by the Gaffer but to no avail. Instead what we got was Tevez, who without a doubt is a brilliant player but to me was not what United so desperately needs. In my opinion Tevez is exactly like Rooney, a person who feeds off of another striker – who likes to create havoc for the defense by roam freely behind his side’s attacking options and like Rooney Tevez doesn’t function effectively as a lone striker. While mouth-watering the partnership of Rooney and Tevez may be, there still lies the problem of the 5-4-1 formation and fitness problems. Those two reasons were why I thought it necessary for the Gaffer to sign a central forward like in the mold of a Van Nistelroy (who would function well in a 5-4-1). Remember that fantastic free flowing football we saw from United last season, that was brought to you courtesy to the Gaffer sticking with a 4-4-2 formation but thanks to a depleted attacking core we’ve seen the return of the dreaded 5-4-1 formation which the players have never fared well with. The formation always gives us a lot of possession but with little or no goals.

Like my post title suggests it is not time to panic as we’re only three games into the season but certain adjustments needs to be made by the gaffer between now and Rooney’s return or we fans can kiss the title chase goodbye. Hopefully Saha and Ole will be fit before then to partner up with Tevez, and we should have Ronaldo back after the next two games.

Late Premiership Predictions:

League Title Contenders – United or Liverpool

Relegation Battle – Middlesbrough, Fulham, Birmingham, Derby and West Ham


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