Nani’s Screamer

Nani & GiggsyThe Portuguese youngster handed United and all of its fans a lifeline with a wonderful strike from 30 yards out to beat the Spurs. The game was rather a festive one especially during the final 20 mins of the second half where we saw Spurs have a potential goal cleared inches from the goal line and a sketchy penalty claim ignored by the linesman. Spurs were really treating during the late stages of the match, especially through Berbatov (whose foot skills and off the ball runs continue to amaze me…buy this lad Ferguson!!!) and with Ferdinand’s mental lapses reoccurring I thought a late goal was due for the Spurs. Somehow we prevailed and managed to preserve the advantage given to us by Nani’s wonderful strike.

But despite the win I still have growing concerns with United’s attack. Tevez looked like a lost soul in the lone striker position while the midfield seems to loose their predatory instinct once they approach the opponent’s half of the pitch. Carrick wasn’t very impressive in this game as he seemed confused with his role, with Hargreaves playing the holding role he should have been more adventurous going up front where some damages can be done with his deadly passes instead of seating deep. We had no right-wing threat, except when Nani ventured there or Wes Brown over lapped, which made the side one dimensional as United started most of their attacks through the middle which made it easy for Spurs to defend against.

Hopefully with time things will change as the lads continue to become for comfortable with each other but we still need a striker added to the roaster.


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