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For Once Injuries Are a Blessing

Barry & Wright-Phillips

Injuries to Goldenballs and Fat Frank meant that McClown was forced to make adjustments (i.e. selecting worthy people he won’t normally pick) to his roaster by picking from England’s vast talented youth pool and handing starts to much deserving players. So starts were handed to Shaun Wright-Phillips, David Bentley, Gareth Barry and even Emanuel Heskey. Heskey’s call up was a bit of a shocker for me as I felt we had better attacking options to partner Owen but the other three were well deserved, especially Wright-Phillips who outside of Lennon is our brightest future at the right flank.

England, despite what many might believe, is a world-class team ripe with youth and experience. I believe England can take on Brazil but their achilles heal in recent years has been the man making the calls from the sidelines. For some odd reason they fail to tap into the potential that England has to offer, be it through Sven inept tactial decisions or McClown continued show of faith to players who do not deserve it or his fondness of playing people off-position. So it was with huge reserve I approached England’s game against Israel knowing that McClown will do something daft that could cost us the game. But alas, I was pleasantly disappointed as I read the starting line up:

P. Robinson

M. Richards – R. Ferdinand – J. Terry – A. Cole

S. Wright Phillips – S. Gerrard – Garth Barry – J. Cole

M.Owen – E. Heskey

No player was played out of position and we stuck with the 4-4-2 formation. The end result was a comfortable 3-nil win over Israel. Barry, Richards, Wright-Phillips were all magnificent and showed McClown that they’re more deserving of regular starts more than his undroppables (Goldenballs and Fat Frank). Despite the win the key test comes on Wednesday against Russia, will McClown stick with this winning eleven or will he cave in to his daft ways?

Image Source: BBC Sports