Sexy Football And LA GALAXY, A Rocky Relationship

After a full recovery from my binge drinking celebrating Manchester United’s League triumph and FC United of Manchester’s third consecutive promotion, it’s time of some LA Galaxy hating. They’re due one, plus I’m in a good mood and Lalas is still there fucking up the organization.

Last year when Frank Yallaop was unfairly ran out of LA by Galaxy’s management I became interested as to whom his replacement was going to be. I was intrigued because of Lalas’ comments stating that they were looking to bring in an outside-the- MLS big name coach. So I especially wanted to know who the hell was lunatic enough to take up the joke that is being called the LA Galaxy coach, where you have no say on personnel being brought in or traded, where you have argueablely a very weak roaster – talent wise, and oh yeah, the media frenzy surrounding Ol’ Golden Balls. So I wondered, which self respecting international calibre coach is Lalas capable of bull-shitting into signing the dotted lines at LA? Enter Ruud Gullit.

Appearrently Guillt was not doing much television watching or research during his two year hiatus from coaching. How else will would you explain him signing for the Galaxy and only after a few months into the season he’s whining about how he can’t play sexy football due to the lack of talent and then just recently bitching about how the team lacks leadership. All these things didn’t just manifest overnight, they’ve been part of the LA Galaxy since inception but rather than address those stiuations management were far more concerned with filling the stadium seats with soccer moms and their children who want to droll over golden balls. If Gullit thinks times are hard now, I’d love to hear him when golden balls, landy cakes and ruiz (his three most productive players) are called up for international duty. With just earning eight points out a possible twenty-one Ruud Gulliet needs to find a way to get production out of his frindge players because playing golden balls and landy cakes every minute of every game is definitely not a season long solution.


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