A Transfer That Benefits England

With the Euro tourney done, the tabloids can now garner up their fullest concentrations to doing what they do best…printing up all manner of transfer rumors. One in particular that caught my eye recently was the supposed move of Barry from Villa to Liverpool. Now while I’m not a fan of anything Anfield I must say that I was pleased with this move and I do hope it goes through even though the buy is sort of redundant when looking at Liverpool’s roaster. Let’s for a second forget the fact that Mascherano, who in essence plays the same role as Barry, had a stella outing last season and instead remind ourselves of Rafa’s rotational system.

I said I supported this move earlier mainly because I am a England supporter. With Barry and Gerrard training and playing together, their understanding of each other’s play on the pitch will only improve and any fan of England, unless you are Lampard, should be excited at what this means for the Three Lions. Most importantly the debate of who should partner Gerrard in the middle would hopefully stop, especially when everyone on a regurlar basis sees how both work well together.

With World Cup qualification approaching Capello needs to start penciling down his final starting IX and formation soon. The quicker he settles on a striking partner for Ronney, a right winger (Golden Balls is not the answer, if we’ve learnt anything from the Euros it is that youth & hunger breeds a winning team) and who partner’s Gerrard in central midfield the better our chances of moving foward into a new era of football in England.


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