Mordern Day Slavery, Blatter’s Version

According to Sepp Blatter, aka Sepp Blatherer, a slave today is someone is being paid a hefty six figure salary and who is recognised as the worst cry baby of today’s footballing generation. It never seizes to amaze how an individual who runs the biggest supporting organization can spew such nonsensical stupidity and still keep his job. The sad thing we in the footballing world have come to expect this from him and just learn to ignore him or laugh at him or even do both simultaneously. His comments on the Ronaldo transfer saga was unwarranted and only serves as a mere reminder to his daftness and his ever growing list of gaffes as FIFA President.

So it is with quite good accuracy that Chris Toy portray Sepp Blatter’s lunacy with his latest comic strip (see below). He does a funny job of showing us how Mr. Blatter tries to validate his comments by equating Ronaldo to Jesus himself and even comes off more aloof.

Sepp Blatter_Slavery

Sepp Blatter_Slavery


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