Not Another Super Hero Movie

The Silk Spectre

It was with great excitement that I got to see the preview to “Watchmen”, a big screen adaption of Alan Moore’s critically acclaimed graphic novel of same name, when I went to see Batman. Leaving the theater as The Dark Knight credits rolled I couldn’t help but wonder if the new generation of comic book readers, especially those turned to graphic novel/comic thanks to big movie adaptations like Spider-Man, X-Men and 300, would truly understand or appreciate the movie. If Zach Snyder, the director, holds true to his words and keeps with the storyline of the graphic novel then “Watchmen” isn’t another super hero movie.

“Watchmen” tale is more about vigilantes in costumes, or tights, than it is about super heroes. The characters have no special abilities (Dr. Manhattan the only exception) nor are they void of real human flaws – I mean one of the costumed vigilantes is a psychopath. The book is also not about saving some damsel in distress or fighting some identifiable super villain or even about the ever tested right versus wrong or good versus evil debate. Instead thanks to Alan Moore’s writing we get a in-depth look into the personal lives of these costumed vigilantes, why they wear the tights and fight crime, what moral/immoral values led them down the path so few have taken and why they continue to do what they do despite being disliked by those they risk their lives to protect. The graphic novel also reads as a detective novel as we follow Rorschach’s attempts to uncover and bring to justice someone systematically eliminating members of the Watchmen.

I personally I’m excited to see this movie as I’m sure most people in my generation or older but to the youngsters these movie may not appeal to them but who honestly who cares!


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