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Wenger Cries, Fergie Rejoices

United Celebrate

Before I begin with today’s post, I pray Eduardo has a speedy recovery and is capable of returning to the pitch to further his professional career. The tackle that lead to his injury (his leg broken in three places) was horrible and the Premier League along with the FA need to get such horrid tackles expelled from the game of football. I don’t understand why players lung studs up towards an opponent, it’s a very risky thing to do and has the possibility of ending a player’s career.

Now Wenger has being crying bloody murder and has called for the banning of Martin Taylor for the aforementioned tackle on Eduardo. His cries and insinuation that Taylor knowingly sought to harm Eduardo is just wrong and is not becoming of a professional manager. I know he is riding high on emotions but that does not excuse the comments he has made about Taylor. No player in football sets out to harm anyone in football, they make stupid/clumsy challenges but there is never an intent to harm a fellow player. Also he whined about how other teams are being too physical against his players since they can’t keep up with their style of play. Um, Wenger, I don’t know if you’ve noticed but football is a contact sport so deal with it. If someone is physical against you, why don’t you just get physical with them too because no one is going to just sit back and let your boys run rings around them…which is what you would like.

United strengthened their chase for the league trophy with a resounding victory over Newcastle. It was a good game which saw the Reds put five past the Magpies woeful defense, Saha even got on the score sheet after coming off the bench. The gaffer said: “But really the match was settled by the ability of the front players who were absolutely fantastic, we could have scored more goals. They (the forwards) all did really well, Ronaldo and Rooney will take the headlines but the movement of (Carlos) Tevez and the penetration of Nani (added) to all that.” In addition to the forwards the midfield again shun as they did in the FA Cup tie against Arsenal, Carrick was back to his old self again has he kept stringing pin point passes that left defenses helpless. Fletcher again impressed and is really repaying the gaffer’s faith in him. This is also the first time I have watched the Newcastle side in full, Keegan should have stayed retired because what he has on his hand is no small tasks. He doesn’t have the players to mount a serious challenge for the top half of the league especially with the dreadful, and to an extent comical, defense. I’m sure Keegan realizes what he has signed up for but do the fans at St. Jame’s Park?

Update – Wenger Retracts Taylor Statement [BBC]


Arsenal Loses One, United Looks to Gain Another

Henry meets the fansA few days ago Henry bid adieu to North London and sets his sights for Barcelona but before he left he explained his decision to part ways with Arsenal was basically due to boardroom unrest and the uncertainty over Wenger’s future. Please….while I greatly respect and admire Henry as both a footballer and as an individual you really have got a giggle at such reasoning. First and foremost he is a paid footballer, the only thing he should be worried about is if he can find the net come match day. The happenings of the board room should be of little concern to him, he is paid to play football, and therefore the happenings on the pitch are only what should be of concern to him. Last I checked he and Wenger weren’t attached to the hip at birth and Wenger isn’t moving to Barca, so his sudden inability to continue playing in the absence of Wenger is bizarre.

Instead what Henry should have said was that he wasn’t getting any younger and has peaked with regards to his performance level, with that in mind he needs to play for a side that can contend for European glory. The Gunners are an extremely youthful side rich in potential but they are not side ready to win the Premiere League let alone Champions League. Within a couple or more years they might accomplish that but the problem for Henry is he doesn’t have a couple or more years to give. He wishes to win and win now. Gunner fans may be angry with Henry with his departure, especially after pledging his career to the club just last year, but they should realize that their club cannot provide what Henry seeks. So Gunner nation should be happy for the Frenchman with his new endeavours but should be prepared/plan for life with him.

As Arsenal loses a striker, the Gaffer is looking to add another to his squad. The media has been a buzz with the possible purchase of Quagliarella but his agents has since come out to quench such rumors. I personal was happy the transfer failed for I did not like Quagliarella in the United side simply because he played exactly like the wonderkid Rooney. Also why splurge $15million on the guy when you have Rossi waiting on the wings especially when Rossi is almost the same build and playing style? I’m still hoping for an El’ Nino purchase or Huntelaar.