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Is It The Dri-Fit?

United Players

Since Rooney started wearing Nike’s dri-fit gear underneath his uniform, thereby ditching the long sleeves, the wonder boy has been on a tear. Three goals in two premiership games along with two for two for the Three Lions … guess we owe many thanks to Evra for starting the dri-fit trend. Rooney’s return to form also coincides with United clicking as a cohesive unit and the beautiful football we come to associate with the club has returned as a result…oh, and the goals are coming too. This is excellent timing because the Gunners have been flying quite high of recent and we need to keep pace with them.

The continued success of the Red Devils also will depend on how well Rooney and Tevez continue to understand each other’s movements on the pitch. With every game played I have seen a continued improvement with this, especially during the fixture against Aston Villa. Their awareness of one another’s positioning fantastic, when either Rooney or Tevez dropped deep the other stayed up front and their linkups were marvelous. My only concern so far into the season is Carrick’s lacking form, he hasn’t been the Carrick of old and I personally believe United needs him to be the integral part of United midfield as he was last year, tearing up defences with his precision passes, if we are to succeed at a double this year.