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Hip-Hop Is Dead!!

May be I like self-inflicted pain. How else can I explain my seeing Gigli, Catwoman, White Chicks, Battlefield Earth, Pluto Nash and Malibu’s Most Wanted in their respective entirety. I should be admitting myself into a mental care facility right about now but I haven’t seen either Bio-Dome or From Justin to Kelly so there’s still hope for me….or may not if you consider the fact that I’ve just listened Soulja Boy’s new release “Tell ‘Em”. I mentioned earlier that this blog would not be limited to football as I would delve into other interests of mine, especially music, but why I would start with this album I have no sodding idea. Let’s just get on with it….

Soulja BoyListening to “Tell ‘Em” was gaining enlightenment to the decaying nature of the Hip-Hop genre. Hip-Hop of today has lost its poetic beauty/flair along with its creativity and the lyricists are a dying breed in this new Hip-Hop world. What the today’s “Hip-Hop” provides these days are songs void of content, all anyone needs is a wicked hook and(or) beats and a hit is born. Coherent words aren’t even necessary to have a hit these days, take the aforementioned Soulja Boy and his hit single “Crank That”, the song leaves you wondering if he ever has opened up a book in his entire life. There are no coherent verses to this song, just a largely repeated chorus interrupted by strings of disjointed sentences. After “Crank That” the rest of the album gets progressively worse as every other songs is based off of beats from – you guessed it – “Crank That”. Take for instance the track called “Pass it to Arab”, in it he takes a gawd awful 4mins telling us to pass it to arab or “Sidekick”, he raps about his bloody Sidekick all through it and even goes on to say during the song that he “can’t believe he wrote a song about his cell phone”….no s**t!!

I think Tyler Munro of best summed it up when he wrote –

“To try and explain just how bad the “music” is on this disc is about as much of a masochistic exercise as listening to it. The beats are a mish-mash of shitty keyboard loops and samples from “Crank That”. The lyrics, if you can call them that, are rarely no more than the song titles repeated at different tempos followed by meandering gibberish, and Soulja’s delivery is akin to what Mushmouth (Fat Albert) would’ve sounded like when he was learning to read. “

So for the past few days I’ve been cleansing my ears with quality hip-hop by the minority that still exist out there and old tracks from my hip-hop favourites such as Biggie, Luniz and Craig Mack to name a few.

Notorious B.I.G – The Warning.mp3

Lupe Fiasco – Superstar.mp3

Common – I Want You (Video)