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Ramblings of a Red

Really have nothing much to say on the football side of things, yeah I acknowledge quite a lot has happened since my last post but I’m just not really up to it today. Think it is due to the fact I’m mentally drained from work this past week and hence I’ve kind of tossed my thinking hat out the window for a while. My job is a new gig so I’m left with s**t loads of learning to do and on top of that I have a 1.5hr metro ride back home (traffic is a biatch here in the DC metro area, makes me long for Ohio traffic at times). Yeah so I’m usually a tired wreck by the time I get home. Maybe once things start calming down on the life front, due to relocating to this city cold turkey, things will starting calming down.

But before I bid adieu, a quick shout about my boys at Giggs Lane as they solider on towards another consecutive league promotion. The lads of FC United of Manchester for the last eight have gone 5W-2D-1L plus are setting pretty at 5th with five games in hand. Even more impressive is the club continues breaking of attendance records for their division. The only downer in all this is that it’s nearly impossible to watch or even get live text commentary for lower division clubs from here let alone FCUM. With a solid fan support and good board members the future is bright for Reds! *banging on wood* March On!


A New Home At Bury Lane


I’ve heard many say the voice over at Theater of Dreams has left Old Trafford and has made its new home at Giggs Lane. After a first hand experience I must say such statements are not too far fetched. Last month I made my way over to Bury to catch my first F.C. United of Manchester game against Woodley Sports, the experience was absolutely fantastic. Most of the songs chanted on the ground were those of Old Trafford fame but some, and those were my favourites, were new and very creative. The best by far was whenever the opponents goalkeeper prepared to put goal kick into play the F.C. United supports would go “OOOOOOOOOOOOO…” until the ball was kicked then supporters went “YOU FAT BASTARD! HAHAHA!” The F.C. United fans were a vociferous bunch, at times intimidating, who were only to eager to cheer their side on.

The story on the pitch was another issue on that day. F.C. United have had a roaring start since its inception gaining promotion through two leagues in succession. But as I watched them play Woodley in their new league I felt they needed some additions to the squad, especially if they are to progress through the Unibond League. Since then quality players have such as Aaron Burns and Colin Bell have been added to the side which in turn has helped the side propel to second in the UniBond First Division North League after a vital 3-1 win over Ossett Albion FC.

The win was a much needed one both as a confidence booster as well as a form of continuity, continuity in the sense that they capable of stringing together consecutive wins and as in this case their third league win in a row.

Rory Patterson Goal (FC United fan video on You Tude)