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Mordern Day Slavery, Blatter’s Version

According to Sepp Blatter, aka Sepp Blatherer, a slave today is someone is being paid a hefty six figure salary and who is recognised as the worst cry baby of today’s footballing generation. It never seizes to amaze how an individual who runs the biggest supporting organization can spew such nonsensical stupidity and still keep his job. The sad thing we in the footballing world have come to expect this from him and just learn to ignore him or laugh at him or even do both simultaneously. His comments on the Ronaldo transfer saga was unwarranted and only serves as a mere reminder to his daftness and his ever growing list of gaffes as FIFA President.

So it is with quite good accuracy that Chris Toy portray Sepp Blatter’s lunacy with his latest comic strip (see below). He does a funny job of showing us how Mr. Blatter tries to validate his comments by equating Ronaldo to Jesus himself and even comes off more aloof.

Sepp Blatter_Slavery

Sepp Blatter_Slavery


Huntelaar in Old Trafford?

Alex Furgerson has hinted at Manchester United not getting involved in the buying spree which the big four normally partake in during the off season. But the gaffer cannot ignore the fact that his side does need one more player added to the roster. To be more specific a centre-forward, to be even more specific Klaas-Jan Huntelaar. Last year he was on my wishlist of player I’d like to see in a United shirt, but instead we got Tevez and while Tevez is a talented lad but my main issue with him is that he is essentially the same player as Rooney – both in build and in style of play. Huntelaar on the other hand will bring a different attacking mindset to the United side, a person who is predator in the 18-yard box, who handles the long ball/crosses very well and most importantly is an out-and-out goalscorer. Putting Huntelaar into the United attacking system will bring back the glory scoring days, from a forward, like those of Rudd Van Nistelrooy. Plus, there hasn’t been a season ever more evident to United’s dire need for a consistent striker as last season:

Cristiano Ronaldo (31)
Carlos Tevez (14)
Wayne Rooney (12)
Louis Saha ( 5)
Ryan Giggs ( 3)
Nani ( 3)

Quite telling when a winger was out scoring our two top strikers combined last season and even worse when our top foward was severly off pace with the gunners’ Adebayor (24)…yeah that’s piss poor. We need our own version of Torres, our own version of Yakubu, our own version of Santa Cruiz and Huntelaar is the ideal buy to fill that role. Here’s hoping!

For All That Is Pure & Good…

…about the game of football. This is what F.C. United of Manchester represents and their continued ascension through the English league structure is a testament to the fact that a club doesn’t need to sell its soul to succeed in today’s football. Yesterday, FCUoM beat Skelmerdale 4-1 in the playoff final to earn promotion, their third successive, to the Unibond Premier League. This recent promotion now puts them two leagues away from Conference League and who knows with the rate that these lads are going could be in the Premier League ten years from now *knock on wood*.

With their solid fan base and fantastic management/board F.C. United of Manchester success should continue and with that bring back what is lost in football today, especially in the Premier League, or the very least remind us of the days when football was just that…Football – pure in the beauty of simplicity.

Image From Andy Barker

Fourth and Eighteen

Hargreaves celebrates

Nope that’s not an NFL down play, just the other race going in the Premiere League. For fourth we have Everton and Liverpool vying for the last Champions League spot and if you had asked me before the start of the season I would have told you that this position was going to Pompey. Then Pompey decided to smoke some serious ganja then sold their best striker in Benjani for the over-rated Defoe. Now Everton are on a tear thanks to the Yak who seems to be scoring at will and the Merseyside lads are looking more balanced with each game. Liverpool seems to have their acts together and seem to be playing well, but I don’t have them finishing fourth. Liverpool has not been playing consistent football all season and this would be their undoing.

The more interesting race has to be for the 18th spot. While some are scrapping to avoid the last spot in the drop zone others are activity seeking it with their poor run of form. With crucial wins by Birmingham and Reading coupled with the fact that both Sunderland and Derby both earned crucial points things are getting interesting. Only five points separates the 18th and 11th positions with 10 games left to play (11 for Tottenham). Both Fulham and Derby are foregone conclusions for the drop so seeing who fills in the final slot is something worth betting on, I’ve got my money on either Newcastle or Sunderland, as the season winds to an end.

Wenger Cries, Fergie Rejoices

United Celebrate

Before I begin with today’s post, I pray Eduardo has a speedy recovery and is capable of returning to the pitch to further his professional career. The tackle that lead to his injury (his leg broken in three places) was horrible and the Premier League along with the FA need to get such horrid tackles expelled from the game of football. I don’t understand why players lung studs up towards an opponent, it’s a very risky thing to do and has the possibility of ending a player’s career.

Now Wenger has being crying bloody murder and has called for the banning of Martin Taylor for the aforementioned tackle on Eduardo. His cries and insinuation that Taylor knowingly sought to harm Eduardo is just wrong and is not becoming of a professional manager. I know he is riding high on emotions but that does not excuse the comments he has made about Taylor. No player in football sets out to harm anyone in football, they make stupid/clumsy challenges but there is never an intent to harm a fellow player. Also he whined about how other teams are being too physical against his players since they can’t keep up with their style of play. Um, Wenger, I don’t know if you’ve noticed but football is a contact sport so deal with it. If someone is physical against you, why don’t you just get physical with them too because no one is going to just sit back and let your boys run rings around them…which is what you would like.

United strengthened their chase for the league trophy with a resounding victory over Newcastle. It was a good game which saw the Reds put five past the Magpies woeful defense, Saha even got on the score sheet after coming off the bench. The gaffer said: “But really the match was settled by the ability of the front players who were absolutely fantastic, we could have scored more goals. They (the forwards) all did really well, Ronaldo and Rooney will take the headlines but the movement of (Carlos) Tevez and the penetration of Nani (added) to all that.” In addition to the forwards the midfield again shun as they did in the FA Cup tie against Arsenal, Carrick was back to his old self again has he kept stringing pin point passes that left defenses helpless. Fletcher again impressed and is really repaying the gaffer’s faith in him. This is also the first time I have watched the Newcastle side in full, Keegan should have stayed retired because what he has on his hand is no small tasks. He doesn’t have the players to mount a serious challenge for the top half of the league especially with the dreadful, and to an extent comical, defense. I’m sure Keegan realizes what he has signed up for but do the fans at St. Jame’s Park?

Update – Wenger Retracts Taylor Statement [BBC]

Is It The Dri-Fit?

United Players

Since Rooney started wearing Nike’s dri-fit gear underneath his uniform, thereby ditching the long sleeves, the wonder boy has been on a tear. Three goals in two premiership games along with two for two for the Three Lions … guess we owe many thanks to Evra for starting the dri-fit trend. Rooney’s return to form also coincides with United clicking as a cohesive unit and the beautiful football we come to associate with the club has returned as a result…oh, and the goals are coming too. This is excellent timing because the Gunners have been flying quite high of recent and we need to keep pace with them.

The continued success of the Red Devils also will depend on how well Rooney and Tevez continue to understand each other’s movements on the pitch. With every game played I have seen a continued improvement with this, especially during the fixture against Aston Villa. Their awareness of one another’s positioning fantastic, when either Rooney or Tevez dropped deep the other stayed up front and their linkups were marvelous. My only concern so far into the season is Carrick’s lacking form, he hasn’t been the Carrick of old and I personally believe United needs him to be the integral part of United midfield as he was last year, tearing up defences with his precision passes, if we are to succeed at a double this year.

They’re Baaaack!!!!


 Man United 4 – Wigan 0

The goals that is. A depleted United ran rampant on Wigan during the second half with goals coutersy of Tevez, Rooney and a brace by Ronaldo. The first half seemed like previous games of old this season, the opposing team not looking to go forward much thus being content with icking out a point. Reading seems to have handed the rest of the premier league teams a blueprint on how to faustrated the United’s attack, with every wave of pressure heaped upon Wigan (and others before them) their back eight absord everything by not allowing United sniff a goal. Coupled with an unyielding defense, Manchester United were bitten by the injury bug, as both Vidic and O’Shea had to leave the pitch within 30 minutes of the game. Despite the injuries United continued with the pressure and should have gone ahead via Tevez who blazed his shot wide on the stroke of half-time.

Tevez made up for his error nine minutes into the second half by breaking the deadlock with a well taken goal, a goal that displayed his paced and strength used in holding off Kilbane and Bramble before rounding Kirkland for the opener. Tevez’s goal seemed to have opened up the floodgates as United started putting together some wonderful team plays which resulted in two Ronaldo goals. With three in the bag, the gaffers boys wanted more and Rooney duly obliged minutes from the end by netting a header from an excellent cross setup through Danny Simpson.

It ended four-nil at Old Trafford and a happy Fergie could be seen leaving his manager’s corner. A wonderful display by the lads on the pitch and even more encouraging were the peformances put fourth by the young trio of Simpson, Pique and Anderson.

Image Source: Getty Images